Month: July 2021

Ask Me Anything: Host Alison Rice on her pregnancy, labour preparation and the postpartum period.

To close season six, host Alison Rice dedicates her Ask Me Anything episode to her little girl, Betty. 

So often, the stories we hear about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are negative and fear-based. Alison’s experience has been more soft than hard, and so she hopes that sharing a different perspective might help other women feel more excited than scared about this new chapter.

In this extended episode, Alison answers listener questions about her pregnancy, navigating pregnancy anxiety, her labour preparation, hospital bag must-haves and why she believes she had a soft and positive postpartum experience. 

She also talks about the sense of perspective she has following two pregnancy losses, the life lessons she hopes to teach her little girl, her thoughts on her career and earning after having a baby, the products she’s loved, the books she read, her emerging parenting style, and opens up about Betty’s personality and what she looks like. 

Below is a list of everything Alison refers to in this episode, plus a few extras she forgot to include. 


  • WOT Baby ebook
  • I didn’t mention it in the episode but loved Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby On the Block for general info and newborn settling techniques 
  • Ten Moons
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
  • Spiritual Midwifery
  • Spirit Babies
  • The First 40 Days
  • The Motherhood (would have liked more positive stories though!)
  • The Montessori Baby 


  • We saw an IVF specialist after our second miscarriage for testing: AMH levels, reproductive carrier screening, sperm DNA fragmentation test
  • I had weekly acupuncture from ovulation until week 12, then moved to fortnightly, then monthly during the third trimester. I see Jade at The Whiteowl Clinic


  • Our OB is Dr. Alex Owen
  • Acupuncture with Jade at The White Owl Clinic 
  • I had a few osteo sessions to support some pelvic pain and one session after birth. I saw Nadia (French and amazing) at Sydney Osteopathy in Bondi Junction 

Labour Preparation 

  • Epi-No Childbirth Trainer 
  • Perineal massage
  • Labour preparation session with a women’s physio (to test pelvic floor and learn how to push correctly)
  • Hypnobirthing course with Lillian from Woven 
  • Antenatal classes through the hospital

Hospital Bag

  • I laboured in a black crop top and black maternity underwear
  • Papinelle pajamas and robe
  • Depends underwear
  • Toms maternity pads. I then wore ModiBodi when I got home from the hospital
  • Diffuser and lavender essential oil
  • Portable speaker and charger
  • Phone charger 
  • Birth playlist 
  • Airpods. I listened to a Vedic mantra on repeat
  • Own pillow and soft blanket 
  • TENS machine. I hired mine from Bliss Birth
  • Airnest nursing pillow 
  • Toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, normal skincare, travel size shampoo and conditioner, body oil, concealer, brow pencil, hand ties and hair clip, comb, lip balm
  • Kmart nursing bra
  • Outfit to wear home
  • Outfit for baby to wear home
  • Soft baby blanket 
  • Frida Mom Peri Bottle
  • Disposable nursing pads. I didn’t need these but wish I did!



  • Pelvic floor assessment and strength program. I went to Women In Focus in Bondi Junction 
  • Osteopathy session with Nadia from Sydney Osteopathy 
  • Chiropractic adjustment with Evan at Selph Health Studio (PR gift) 
  • WOT Baby ebook and app 
  • Pomelo food delivery 
  • Peach Pilates Post Natal Program. Enjoy the code ALISONPEACH for 50% off your first three months to Peaches Online
  • Epsom Salt baths
  • The red wine shower
  • Therapy! Couples therapy especially. Try a Zoom session with baby on your lap if hard to find a window 
  • A big bowl of warm, rolled oats in the morning has helped my milk supply 
  • 2-3L of water per day for milk supply 

Other Things We’ve Loved

  • Redsbaby Metro3 Pram in black 
  • Cocoonababy 
  • Bubba Blue White Muslin Swaddle Wraps (good for Summer babies or pram cover)
  • Miracle Blanket 
  • Babyhood Sleep Positioner 
  • Boody, Ergo Baby and Nature Baby onesies 
  • Nature Baby cardigan (PR gift)
  • Nature Baby bonnet and booties 
  • Junior Life play mat 
  • Kip & Co Sisters Bamboo Swaddle over playmat during tummy time for stimulation (PR gift)
  • Emu Sheepskin Baby Rug
  • Baby Bjorn bouncer 
  • Troll Sun cot, drawers and change tray 
  • Leander Matty change mat
  • Big Softies Terry Towelling Nappies as burp cloths 
  • Haaka Baby Nail Care Set 
  • Nanit monitor on floor stand and Kogan SmarterHome Baby Monitor for a lite / travel version 
  • Ergo Baby sleep sacks
  • Chekoh wrap for first two months 
  • Artipoppe carrier for when they’re a bit bigger (PR gift)
  • Phile cashmere blanket with initials embroidered 
  • Gaia Natural Baby Powder. No nappy rash so far!
  • Cub + Scout neoprene pouches instead of a baby bag. I have one in the pram, one in the car
  • Britax Millenia Opal car seat 
  • Stokke High Chair 
  • Milk to Meals cookbook 


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