Month: April 2020

Do you want to make contact with your True Self, so you can align to your purpose and succeed consciously?

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In episode 61 of Offline and to launch season five, host Alison Rice shares the conscious school she’s created for Offline’s community. It’s called Self Study, and it is dedicated to putting us in touch with the deepest, truest part of ourselves — our True Self — so we succeed consciously.

The school has four homerooms Alison will be creating online courses into: True Self, Leadership, Communication and Strategy. 

In this episode, she shares everything you need to know about Self Study’s founding course: Make Contact With Your True Self, Align to Your Purpose and Redefine Your Success.

Alison also offers a special (and spiritual!) discount to say thank you for listening to Offline and supporting her work. Please use the code TRUESELF at checkout to get $58 off the course price. 

We are the next generation of conscious professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs, and Self Study is our school.   

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If you’re interested in learning about True Self, conscious success and more, become a student of Self Study — a series of considered online courses.

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