Part 2 ~ Matt Ringrose on why possessions, houses, crypto — all of it — will never bring us lasting fulfillment.

Dearest you. 

Welcome back to part two of my honest conversation with a teacher of mine, Matt Ringrose. Matt initiated me as a Vedic Meditator in late 2018, and he’s been a steady counsel in my life ever since. 

If you’d like to start with part one, here it is

Having a conversation with Matt is never linear, and that’s what I’ve loved most about our chats over the years. In this most recent sit down, we discuss the powerful technique of letting go — something we are inviting you to learn how to do — and more specifically, what becomes possible when we let go of our professional attachments and the definitions of success that don’t serve our highest possible growth and evolution. 

This episode begins when we were discussing how our expectations of life, work, business and self evolve as our state of consciousness evolves and increases. Which is perfect and relevant, but for me personally has sometimes had a bit of a melancholy flavour to it. 

He also explains why acquiring things like cars, houses or even a private island aren’t the throughway to lasting fulfillment. 

Hope this one helps you on your way.

Alison xo

P.S. Matt spent close to a year developing a guided online course called Learn to Let Go and just like Vedic Meditation, it was a transformative learning experience for me so we decided how wonderful to share it with all of you. Our invitation to study with Matt is sprinkled throughout both episodes, but if you miss anything, all of the information you need is detailed here:

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