Month: January 2021

Racial justice educator and spiritual activist Rachel Ricketts on what “doing the work” actually looks like in practice.

We’re starting season six as we intend to finish — by listening, learning, healing, and then moving into informed, intentional action. 

Host Alison Rice interviews racial justice educator, attorney, grief coach, healer and author, Rachel Ricketts, about acting in allyship to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour vs. allyship, and what “doing the work” actually looks like for white people who hold the most power and privilege.⁣

She educates that we all rise when white people undertake the work of racial justice, and that when white people truly do this work, everything in their lives will change. They must also be prepared to lose things – friends, money, time, identity – and if they’re not, they’re not committed to racial justice. 

But, there’s more to gain than there is to lose. 

Rachel’s new book, Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy, is directed at white people but is for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour. She discusses what that means in this episode, educating that white people can’t be allies, but they can act in allyship. 

She also shares that white people must have a tolerance for f*cking up because they will. The need to be right can not supersede the commitment to racial justice, and that a white person’s fear and discomfort isn’t life-threatening but being a Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour is. 

People are dying because white people aren’t doing this work. If, like Alison did, you committed to it in 2020, she hopes that Rachel’s lived wisdom and education not encourages you, but demands of you that you stay accountable. 

Rachel asks that we do this work with a deep lens of compassion. 

Her book Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy is available to pre-order now and hits shelves February 2, 2021. 

Please note: This interview is completely unedited.

Cover image credit: Bethany Schiedel


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