International supermodel Victoria Lee on how she uses criticism as a pathway to growth.

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Welcome to a new episode of I’m Offline With. These special episodes are produced by Studio Offline, and in partnership with a person, business or brand whose experience or story will help us on our way. 

Alison’s next I’m Offline With guest is David Jones Fashion Ambassador and model, Victoria Lee. The pair had an honest conversation on the back of her Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival runway appearance, and in the most surreal way ever — they recorded live in the front window of David Jones’ Bourke Street store. 

There isn’t a better woman to front Australia’s most iconic department store. Victoria is as humble as she is beautiful (that is to say she is very humble), and as you’ll soon hear, is entirely expressed, grounded and considered. 

At the time of recording, Vic is living in New York City with her partner Matt — a far cry from her rural hometown of Narrandera in New South Wales. 

She’s been featured in titles including Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair, but takeaway the runways and the modeling achievements, and Vic is a thoughtful young woman with a fierce connection to her family. Like many of us, she just misses home. 

In this honest conversation, Vic opens up across a range topics including her relationship with her exterior, how she remains true to herself, existing as an over-thinker, how she uses criticism as a pathway to growth, what it feels like to be an ambassador for David Jones, and how her rural upbringing has shaped the way she’s in the world today.  


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