Nadia Fairfax on being an entertainer and connector, and the importance of her night-time routine.

In this special Self Care Sundays mini-series produced by Studio Offline and in partnership with Estée Lauder, host Alison Rice sits down with three of the brand’s Australian ambassadors to have an honest conversation about life on the other side of the filter, self care, sleep and skincare. 

First up is the delightful Nadia Fairfax. An ex-elite gymnast turned fashion creative and the editor of Fairfax Journal, Nadia is fun personified. 

A connector who loves nothing more than seeing her friends and family having a good time, Nadia is a natural entertainer and as you’ll soon learn, always takes a glass half full approach to life. 

With a following in hundreds of thousands and a lifestyle that sees her on a plane most months for both work and play, Alison was interested to learn about Nadia’s approach to self care. How does a modern woman with such a packed social and travel schedule prioritise things like getting a good night’s sleep, maintaining a consistent skincare routine and caring for her emotional wellbeing? 

As an ambassador for Estée Lauder, part of Nadia’s role is to educate on cult products like Advanced Night Repair. In this episode, she reveals the ANR trick she learnt from fellow ambassador and beauty expert Eleanor Pendleton, and how it allows her to use the power of the night to maximise her skincare routine. 


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