Buddhist Manoj Dias on why enlightenment isn’t a destination but a state of consciousness.

[The Teachers]

For episode 35 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with Buddhist meditation teacher and chief of Melbourne meditation studio, A—Space, Manoj Dias. Before the here and now, Manoj once identified as a successful corporate businessman who was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and disordered eating. 

What he offers us in this honest conversation is incredible perspective across a diverse range of topics, including the continued lack of diversity and inclusion in the wellness space. Manoj is passionate about facilitating conversations that explore possible answers to the question he asks himself when he sits down to teach: Who is not in the room and why? 

But before that, expect to hear his journey to becoming a Buddhist meditation teacher, why he thinks spirituality should be playful, how to be with the totality of our experiences, his definition of conscious connections, why enlightenment isn’t a destination but rather a state of consciousness available to all of us at any time, and his call to Australian men to explore what it means to be vulnerable.


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