Juliet Allen on confidence in the bedroom, sex-positive porn and how to communicate your sexual needs.

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For episode 42 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down for a second time with leading Australian sexologist and host of Authentic Sex, Juliet Allen

If you haven’t listened to their first honest conversation and you’d like to, here it is. The pair discuss sex as a pathway to healing, sex magic, why our cycle is sacred, why it is time to redefine the word slut and much more. 

This time around, Juliet answers questions sent in from Offline’s curious and thoughtful listeners. Topics include: becoming more confident in the bedroom, how to improve your libido, how to accept your partner’s sexual attraction to others, how to communicate your sexual needs, how to communicate you have an STD, why we should consider organic alternatives to supermarket lube, how to get in touch with your feminine after a major operation like a hysterectomy, sex-positive porn, why enjoying anal sex comes down to trust and Juliet’s tips to authentic and connected oral sex.

Warning: Some parts of this honest conversation are difficult and confronting. If you need help or support, please reach out:

Alison also advises not to have kids around for this one!


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