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For episode 51 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with Dr. Jeremy Cumpston, a progressive GP, preventative ageing specialist and the founder of Ageless Clinics. He’s a fully qualified injector of commercial fillers and is accredited in advanced wrinkle treatment and dermal filler treatments.

Alison would like to be extremely clear with her intention behind creating this episode. It does not advocate for or encourage cosmetic injectables. Instead, it seeks to act as an educational resource for anyone who wants to get informed. 

There is a worrying lack of safety information available, and increasingly, a growing number of under-qualified injectors offering cosmetic Botox and filler to young women — usually in package deals and working on commission per unit or mil injected. 

In this honest conversation, Dr. Jeremy answers every question you’ve likely ever had about Botox and filler. How much, how often, where to get it and how long it lasts. He goes beyond the surface to discuss the pros and cons of the different forms, his preferred techniques and methods, and the questions to ask the nurse or doctor injecting you.

What you’ll hear time and time again in this episode is Dr. Jeremy’s personal treatment style: undertreating or not treating at all. Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

If you are considering having Botox or filler — or any other anti-ageing treatment — please seek advice from your preferred medical professional. 


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