For episode 54 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with one of The Australian Ballet’s principal female dancers, Benedicte Bemet

The 25 year-old was born in Mackay, started ballet at the age of three and was accepted into The Australian Ballet School at 14 years-old. She represented the School in New York and Canada, before being asked to join The Australian Ballet, the company, in 2012. In the seven years since, Benedicte has progressed to coryphee, soloist, senior artist and now, principal.

This episode is for anyone who gets butterflies about ballet. It honours the physical and emotional labour of the artistic pursuit and the harmony that can come from living as an expression of your unique energy. 

When Benedicte dances, she offers us a window to feel into our own emotional landscapes. Watching the music course through her body, the dust swept up in each moment by her feet, and seeing flashes of her soul through her eyes — she is both an expression of and conduit to, feeling

In this honest conversation, Alison asks Benedicte what it takes to dedicate your life to being one of the best at something, what happens when injury nearly takes it away, her relationship with her body and her weight, dance as an expression of her soul and the finer details of a life lived in pointe shoes.


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