Anine Bing opens up about how she leveraged her Instagram following to launch a global fashion brand.

For episode 46 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with one of the most fashionable women on the planet, Anine Bing

In October 2019, Anine was in Sydney to celebrate the opening of the first Anine Bing Australia store in Paddington, marking the 15th opening since she started the brand from her LA garage in 2012.

What we learn in this episode, is Anine’s success story is one born from humble beginnings, hard work and a dedication to exploring and expressing her creativity. 

Anine grew up in a small village in Sweden of just 8,000 people, and by 15, she’d already travelled the world as a model. It was those early, more nomadic days, that shaped the Anine Bing brand we know and love today. 

Anine shares her journey from modelling to music (she started a rock band in her early twenties called Kill Your Darlings), then blogging, and how she leveraged her Instagram following to start her own now-global fashion company. 

She also shares the key roles she brought in along the way, her early creative process, how it has evolved with the brand’s “see now, buy now” model, her reflections on motherhood, her relationship with her phone and what she does to find some calm within her big and busy life.

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  • Visit Anine Bing Sydney: 213 Glenmore Road, Paddington


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