EP45: Teryll Brewer

To launch season four, host Alison Rice shares Offline’s platform with Melbourne listener, Teryll Brewer. 

Alison and Teryll met at an Offline Women’s Circle in August 2019. Offline Women’s Circles exist to create gentle entry points to conscious connections, and as they gathered together as women on their way that night, Teryll’s story moved the room. 

Her bravery and honesty got Alison thinking about the deeper role Offline could play when it comes to both education and prevention. What might we face, who has already survived it, and would they be willing to share what they’ve learned?

Offline started as honest conversations with the women behind the Instagram accounts. Their stories and their humility not only moved us, but opened us up to a part of ourselves we weren’t all that familiar with — our True Selves. In came the teachers and healers to help us navigate this new spiritual terrain, and now, it’s time to hear from those closest to us.

The people in our lives who don’t necessarily have a social media presence or a stage to stand on, but they teach us anyway. 

Teryll’s story, and the stories Alison hopes will follow, stand for survival. What does it mean to sit in True Self when life serves us a set of circumstances and experiences we didn’t see coming and we don’t feel prepared for? 

Her hope is that through listening, we learn.

Teryll Brewer is a 33 year-old, stage four breast cancer survivor. This is her story. 


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