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For episode 32 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane.

Nadine curates one of Instagram’s most popular accounts for astrology, offering lovers of celestial study an elevated, intelligent and gentle guide to knowing ourselves better. Her personal readings are empowering and practical. They’re also scarily accurate. 

Nadine gifts her followers with a wealth of free content each week. From full moon reports to the lowdown on lunar eclipses, personalised chart tiles and being the calm voice of reason when a planet turns retrograde, Nadine’s soft and deeply feminine approach to astrology is cherished by so many. 

Alison and Nadine cover quite a bit of ground. Expect to learn about our Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and how they show up in our personalities, what the 12 houses mean, the elements attached to our star signs, why we shouldn’t be fearful when a planet turns retrograde, the truth about star sign compatibility and so much more. 

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