For episode 47 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with Lara Briden. A naturopathic doctor, women’s health activist and author of what can only be described as a bible for women everywhere, Period Repair Manual, Lara is a period revolutionary. 

Lara’s work is about providing practical solutions and natural alternatives to hormonal birth control. She’s helped thousands of women who suffer from missing periods, hair loss, PMS, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, adult acne and more, establish treatment plans that don’t require ingesting synthetic hormones that shut down ovulation. 

This is precisely what happens when we take the pill. 

Lara challenges us to get clear: pill bleeds are not periods. We do not cycle when we’re on the pill. When we don’t cycle, we don’t ovulate. When we don’t ovulate, we don’t produce progesterone. Women not having progesterone is like men not having testosterone. 

She successfully challenges pill medicine with natural treatments including diet, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and body-identical hormones. 

This episode is a call to action to women everywhere to get empowered through education about their menstrual cycle, and confidently question the advice or diagnosis they’ve been given by a doctor. 

Lara also educates on how to identify you’ve ovulated and why fertile mucus exists.


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