For episode 50 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with one of Australia’s leading luxury fashion creatives and the founder of Modern Legacy, Kaitlyn Ham.

Kaitlyn — or Kaity as she’s called by those closest to her — is quite private, so this honest conversation is a rare insight into her life, her work, how she thinks about style and the business of being a fashion creative and influencer. 

What you might not know about Kaity, is she’s funny. Like laugh-out-loud, big-belly-laughing funny. Alison and Kaity do a lot of that in this episode. You’ll also learn that in complete contrast to her highly curated Instagram account, her personality is casual and relaxed. 

In this honest conversation Kaity shares how she became so independent, her personal journey from high school tomboy to high fashion blogging, her relationship with style and shopping, how she spends her days as a fashion creative, details about her tiny, 10-person wedding, how she’s thinking about the future, why having a supportive partner is a form of privilege and much more. 


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