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Welcome to a new Offline episode series called I’m Offline With. . . These episodes are produced by Studio Offline, and in partnership with a founder, leader or entrepreneur that will help us on our way. 

Between each season, Alison sits down with someone who has started a conscious business so we can learn from them, and in return, they get to share their story and what they’ve created with you. 

Alison’s first I’m Offline With. . . guest is the delightful and determined Jose Bryce Smith. Twenty years ago she co-founded Australia’s first natural hair salon, where harsh chemical formulations were replaced by high performing colour created in-house. It included natural extracts, minerals and native Australian ingredients. Today, we know it as Original & Mineral (O&M for short), with brand extensions in colour, styling and education.

Here’s why O&M is important — both to those of us listening who have ambition to start a conscious business — and to the health of anyone who colours their hair. O&M is PETA-approved, leads innovation in the natural hair care space globally and it is founded by a generous woman who wants to share her start up story so we can learn from it.

Alison has been using O&M for the best part of a decade, so it was truly a thrill for her sit down with the brain behind a brand that celebrates hair as a health choice. It’s time we all got real about it. We read so many warnings about the dangers of using parabens, sulphates and other harsh chemicals on our skin — but what about our hair and our scalp? 

In this honest conversation, Jose brings incredible insight into what it means to found and fund a multi-million dollar business, how to think about taking investment, what she had to sacrifice, the times she got it wrong, how she uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to reprogram her thought patterns, and so much more. 


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