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Dearest you.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and then also for coming here to consider making a donation. 

My commitment to you

I’ve made a commitment to you, to us, and the people who’ve shared their stories so far. And that’s to ensure Offline remains a resource — a safe space to have honest conversations and explore True Self.

It’s important to me that I protect our stories and your listening experience, and that means making impeccable decisions about who I welcome into our space.

What does that mean in practice?

Politely declining generous sponsorship offers if the fit isn’t right for us. You have my word that when I do accept offers, it’s because I believe the founder, brand, product or service will help us on our way.

Paying it forward

I pass on $1 from every donation to The Walkley Foundation’s Public Fund for Journalism each year. This is where I started my career.

The Walkley Foundation is the heart of the media industry and ensures that Australians continue to benefit from the groundbreaking public interest journalism that is so important to our communities. It works to make the bonds of trust between the media and the public stronger than ever.

Thank you. So much.

Alison xo