Danielle Prescod on representation, the benefits of therapy, freezing her eggs and giving up Instagram.

For episode 66 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with New York City style director, Danielle Prescod

Danielle is currently the Style Director at Black Entertainment Television, and before that, she held fashion roles at Marie Claire, Elle, Teen Vogue and Interview.

The New Yorker is as authentic as it gets on Instagram. One of the things Alison loves most about her presence on the platform, is it has nothing to do with her job. She’s never pushing her followers to buy things. Instead, she chooses to use her platform to educate. 

If you follow Danielle, you’ll know that she leads social conversations centered on calling out systemic racism daily, and she’s a guiding light when it comes to holding the fashion industry, influencers and media accountable, for our ongoing failure to acknowledge, support and elevate Black people, their voices and their work.

Alison and Danielle recorded this episode in March 2020. Australia was about to go into lockdown and being in the States, Danielle had already been in isolation for some time. Since then, to say a lot has happened is an understatement. 

Danielle has been a key voice within New York City’s fashion community during the Black Lives Matter movement — directing Alison and other white people to the resources she was sharing years before we finally started to listen with the intent to learn. And she’s also developing new resources. For free. For our benefit.

In this episode’s introduction, Alison calls out her failure to ask Danielle any direct questions about racism and allyship. This is an example of her privilege and her ignorance. She shares that her failure to give airtime to an experience that doesn’t impact her or her world as a white woman makes her complicit in the silencing of Black voices and experiences.

Despite Alison’s failure, their pair cover an interesting set of topics in this honest conversation. Danielle shares how she’s producing content for women during an international pandemic, how she thinks about telling stories, giving up Instagram twice, the benefits of therapy, her decision to freeze her eggs at age 30 and her advice to brands and businesses on getting representation and inclusion right.


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