One of the most valuable things to come out of creating Offline, is the connections I’ve made with women who hear their story in mine. When a challenge is shared, it truly feels halved.

In my most recent senior leadership role, I dedicated a significant portion of each day to carefully developing the people around me. Proudly, I also wrote some award-winning strategy.

I hope that by creating a pathway to do both of these things again — this time through Offline — I continue to help empower those who are defining what it means to lead, create and live consciously. 

Alison Rice, host, Offline

My Offering

I offer personal and team coaching, as well as strategy days. 

I’m Offline: Personal Coaching (Wednesdays)

The booking process for a personal coaching session is automated below. To book a team coaching session or a strategy day, please email

Sessions can be rescheduled (for free) or cancelled (full refund) up to 24 hours before. 

Please review, sign and email the Offline Coaching Agreement when prompted in the booking process.


Career mapping and direction

Stepping up as a leader 

Taking the leap  / career change

How to develop team members

How to give feedback 

How to have a difficult conversation

How to lead in difficult situations

Managing up and managing out

Negotiating your salary 

Anything from the Team / Strategy list

Team / Strategy 

Team and workplace culture

New managers or new teams

Feedback on your idea

Defining your why

Defining brand message / target

Defining your product set

Growing community

Setting annual or quarterly goals

Advice on marketing and PR

Anything from the Personal list