EP30: Zanita Whittington

For episode 30 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with creative director, photographer and Australia’s OG fashion blogger, Zanita Whittington. Currently based in New York, Zanita is a force and continues to pioneer how we think about the intersection of creativity and social influence.

Alison and Zanita discuss pushing creative boundaries, her long-held disinterest in being “accepted” as a blogger, why she sees her ADHD diagnosis as a strength, how to explain our needs to the people in our lives, why it is time to de-stigmatise therapy, life in New York City and the importance of not only having mentors, but also sharing our knowledge with mentees.

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EP29: Ask Alison

Host Alison Rice closes season two with an episode dedicated to Offline’s beautiful and nourishing community. She put a call out for questions on Instagram, and answered 14 across topics including true self, spirituality and personal development.

From how to trust we’re on the right path, to dealing with self doubt, her advice to women changing careers after 30, the biggest lesson she learned after leaving her corporate publishing role and what her husband Tony thinks about her journey to better knowing herself, Alison recorded this in one take and without a script. It is imperfect but as always, it is honest.

Season three of Offline commences June 16, 2019.

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EP28: Rae Johnston

TV host, women in STEM mentor, tech and gaming journalist, St. Vincent’s De Paul ambassador, mum and proud Wiradjuri woman, Rae Johnston.

While she’s well-known and respected in the cosplay industry for playing Wonder Woman, Rae embodies the character in real life. Compassionate, strong and with an incredible sense of justice, she is a modern role model for women everywhere.

In this episode, Rae shares unique and inspiring lessons taken from her humble beginnings — including what it was like to have $5 left each week after paying her bills and feeding her child as a 19 year-old mum; the disappointing and often-complex realities of being a woman working in gaming, tech and science; her reflections on the trauma she experienced as a young model trying to get her start; her advice to employers on how to attract and support Indigenous talent; and how proposing to her husband was less about challenging gender norms and more about deep love and respect.

This conversation is longer than others, but every minute of it is compelling, educational and inspiring.

EP27: Jerico Mandybur ~ Part 2

[The Teachers] Part two of host Alison Rice’s honest conversation with intuitive guide, spiritual self-care coach, tarot reader, reiki practitioner and Self Service host, Jerico Mandybur. The pair dive deep on Jerico’s own self journey, and also confront the often difficult but extremely important topic of diversity and inclusion within the wellness industry. Jerico gives sound advice on how to raise and challenge it in your circles. She also shares how to incorporate tarot and astrology into your daily self-care practice.

A note from the host: The Internet connection wasn’t great so apologies for the random glitches!

EP27: Jerico Mandybur ~ Part 1

[The Teachers] In episode 27 of Offline, host Alison Rice sits down with intuitive guide, spiritual self-care coach, tarot reader, reiki practitioner, journalist and podcaster, Jerico Mandybur. An Australian living in LA, the Self Service host led editorial at Girl Boss Media but recently made the decision to expand.

In part one of their honest conversation, Jerico and Alison discuss how difficult it is to leave a job you love to prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing, why it’s important not to give all of yourself to a job or an employer, what the term self-care actually means in practice, and also dive deep on Jerico’s enchanting and inclusive new tarot book and cards, Neo Tarot.

A note from the host: The Internet connection wasn’t great so apologies for the random glitches!

EP26 Live at Sundays Offline: Jasmine Dowling

Recorded live at the sold-out Sundays Offline listener event in Brisbane on April 7, 2019, host Alison Rice sits down with leading Australian creative, Jasmine Dowling. A very honest conversation recorded in front of over 70 listeners, Jasmine opens up about fighting big corporates for her creative copyright, what it feels like to be critiqued on Instagram, the emotional labour of DMs and how she began her career as a hand-letterer, designer and leading digital creative. A truly insightful conversation.

Thank you Newstead Studios for hosting Offline in your beautiful creative space, and Ovolo Hotels for the perfect night’s sleep pre and post event. Image courtesy: Sarushka Reddy Creative.

Bonus: Revisiting Jeannie Bourke

As she records Sundays Offline live in Brisbane, host Alison Rice throws it back to episode one. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you haven’t, either way healer Jeannie Bourke is one of the foundational reasons Offline exists. Profound. Special. Ethical. Majestic. Wise. The founder of Venustus Beauty Lab defines true self.

This episode was recorded in mid 2018.

EP25: Tom Derickx

Musician, model and ex-AFL player, Tom Derickx. Offline exists as an exploration of self and as we journey deeper, it’s important to show both the light and the shade. For some, our sense of self is veiled by anxiety and for others, it’s the dark night of depression. In this episode and for the first time, Tom bravely shares the thing he’s held closest to him — his battle with both.

Alison and Tom hope that for the people listening who are also caring for their mental health, or who are a support person or want to find out how to be one, that this honest conversation helps.

Need help or just need to talk?

Call Lifeline on 13 11 14, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Someone will always pick up. You can also chat to someone online every night of the week.

Wonderful Tom has announced an ambassador role supporting suicide prevention charity U R OK. A conversation truly can change a life.

Beyond Blue is an incredible organisation set up to provide information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever our age and wherever we live.

EP24: Juliet Allen

Offline exists as an exploration of self, and we can’t do that without exploring our sexual essence. In this episode, leading Australian sexologist and coach, Juliet Allen, takes us there. In this very honest conversation, Juliet and Alison discuss everything from sex as a pathway to healing, the importance of polarity of sexual energies in the bedroom, how to use our sexual energy to attract what we want in life, why our cycle is sacred, how to ask for what we truly desire, porn vs. connected sex, and why it is time to redefine the word slut.

Trigger warning: Some parts of this honest conversation are difficult and confronting — both the language we use and the topics we explore. This includes miscarriage and loss. Alison advises not to have kids around for this one.

EP23: Emma Hoareau

French photographer, beauty blogger and editor of Lolita Says So, Emma Hoareau. The self-described “skinfluencer” shares her journey from studying art history to becoming one of the UK’s most in-demand beauty creatives. Emma is also known for her considered nude self portraiture, and explains why showing her figure isn’t brave, but just beautiful. Alison and Emma also discuss disclosure and navigating the paid-to-post world.

Emma’s favourite products