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Get to know the women behind your favourite Instagram accounts, and the teachers who help us on our way. Raw, imperfect conversations, grounded in reality.

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“In our constant state of connectedness, are we failing to develop our unique female codes?”

Alison Rice

An award-winning journalist and digital leader, Alison started her career at The Walkley Foundation for Excellence in Journalism before going on to lead and launch U.S. media brands POPSUGAR, Who What Wear, Byrdie and MyDomaine in Australia. Alison is a known mentor in the media industry and beyond, and continues to pioneer brand, audience and editorial strategies that empower the country's next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. Alison lives by her "pull up" leadership philosophy — grab as many hands as you can, and take other women with you. She lives in Sydney's Bondi Beach with her husband Tony. Offline is her first podcast.

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We follow their every move on Instagram, and through that lens we feel like we know them. Offline goes deeper, exploring life on the other side of the filter, and the concept of true self. 

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